Have you ever had an epic drama in you life??????

All of us would have had at least one… and does yours have something to do with choosing the right color of shoes, and are you living with the consequence of choosing it wrong. Well the commercial says being young is not that easy as it looks, they got it right there… but for most of us, our epic drama doesn’t involve choosing shoes or searching for pubs, even though the latter is a little justifiable. For those who just stepped out of college, like me, the dramas involves a tough job or finding  a  righteous job, living out of a meager salary (for those who chose to go independent), or passing a degree that sucked the life out of you or even love at hard times. There are exceptions but they make only a small percentage of the entire youth population and may be the add focuses on them.I do have a smart phone, with those applications and also a mom who blames every thing on my age and the people I’m with, for most of the girls out there this could be their daily drama. So if you have difficult parents the episodes of your drama will be prolonged.

So let’s bring to everyone’s focus the tough but rather meaningful life we are living. And that we are working hard to party harder. I believe life doesn’t involve choosing the right path someone showed you first, but going through a lot of your self made wrong paths so that enjoy and be proud when the right comes. I think that is essentially what the commercial means.


Epic drama #1





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