When she says nothing, without even thinking- when you ask her, watz up??When she doesn’t take your call at first and later says bathing, sleeping, and silent mode to justify it, when she looks around while you are talking to her sitting opposite. When she frowns at your continuous praising, when she yawns artificially, when she often says the telephone line is not clear when u can hear perfectly, when she changes subject while you are talking, when she takes out her book while dining with u, when she sits hand and tongue tied and stiff at movies. When she is not eating the popcorn you bought or from the box you ate. . .

Dude, If 3 or more of the above mentioned situation happens with you, Then you are with the wrong girl and wasting your time and also you seem boring to her…(its mostly her problem)…


It’s when she buys coffee from the office canteen often, when she stands near your bike everyday waiting for someone else, when she is wearing more makeup than before, when she’s talking less in a crowd (where you are present) than before, when she asks, are you ok? Something bothering you, you need help with that? I noticed you are not yourself today, something wrong?, when she offers  tuition for subjects you suck in, when she sends, forward SMS having words like important,special,spl friend, valuable person, miss u; when she mentions she is alone lately, when she pours out her problem, when she put up a face(unpleasant) when you are talking to your close friend(gal),when her message and call traffic are way above the limits, when she starts advising, when she does favors without asking which includes note and assignments writing, free mobile recharges, when she always come and talk to you even the most silly and stupid things…

Then she is trying to woo you, and here 4 or more conditions need to be recurring. .

True up to 97%, not applicable if she is your best friend and the rest 3% because girls do this to more than one guy at a time, so someone else caught the bird before you or fell for it (mostly the former)

One Response to “YEAH or NAA”
  1. Sana Rose says:

    Well, when Nihal asked me to check out this blog, I didn’t think it was going to be this good. And it is special because it’s coming from a generation that wouldn’t care enough to do something like this anymore, unless they take writing or some other promotional stuff seriously. And about this post, it’s mostly true. A lot. I could just see myself in both categories. 😀 Like the first part has many points that apply to a girl when u guys did something wrong, too. Something she doesn’t like or something that pisses her off. But it doesn’t last more than a few minutes as long as true love is concerned.

    All the best with this fresh stuff! 🙂 And let me also say that I am really glad and impressed by the spelling and grammar – it certainly adds to the attraction of the blog, instead of the sms language and careless mistakes. Great going!
    A Love Guru — Sana Rose

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