The silver patronas was the last think, his heavy eyes and tired head could remember before he dozed off. It was mystery, until Hermione came up with the time turner…

And Harry could see himself sending the stag to evade the dementors off his godfather’s soul…and he knew it was him not his father.

Years before that Ashton Kutcher was unable to retrieve why he had a knife in his hand when he was seven. But when the adult Ashton reemerged to amend his tragic life, he could call back the reason.

Well I hate to admit that, I believe I am a muggle, and my knowledge concerning ‘general relativity’ is feeble. And the mystery about our unconscious self is a matter of speculation.

Then why would YOU block him, months before YOU run into him. And that single strand of connection YOU had with him, vanish all of a sudden???

So may be aliens are indeed our future generations capable of time travel…

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