You really think it’s all going to end? someone asked from a distance.
Why not? We have scientific data to justify it; somebody replied.
So the apocalypse is happening? asked someone else.
Yeah, within a couple of years; said the nearest.
This is all bullshit; said the loudest.
I have heard about it, from my yoga instructor, said the wannabe.
The solar strokes, Dark Age… it’s been in discussion for a long time. And all the
constructions happening at Denver; said the nerd.
You mean its true that they have taken precaution to save the privileged, without much
public attention? asked the one with specs.
That’s what I think, they are constructing something deep underground, must be
something to protect from tsunami or earthquake.
Oh, I don’t want to die drowning; it makes my skin look dead; said the dumbest.
Well you are half the world away from it, said someone with disgust.
No, these things are going to happen on a global basis, and rumor has it that there are
dungeons in Ladak too; nerd again.
Well, we are not to get an entry pass. Kasab might get one; said the dude.
How can they do it in a public place without media attention? asked the straightforward.
Well money and power can buy secrecy; replied the thinker.
They brought down those buildings in a plane crash and said it wiped out all their
controversial files from Defense headquarters. They are capable; thinker again
Then rumors about area 51 and HAARP might be true too; said the coolest.
Think so, and the death of their president, it was rumored to b an inside job; said the
God save us all; said the believer.
Like hell he will; said the atheist.

“Who had my bread omelet, I left it here” asked the intimidating.


Dopper mumbled, conspiracies… conspiracies…




One Response to “Conspiracies…”
  1. Sana Rose says:

    A good post with so many points. Money and power can buy secrecy – that is a heavy material 🙂 Well done. Write more okay?
    I have started a new blog at wordpress – check that out when you can and follow if you like it.
    Shifted to here. And have your blog listed in my blog roll. 🙂
    Happy New Year, by the way.

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