The light was bright, too bright for my eyes to handle. it was coming close.

Fast, too fast for my brain to focus. I was sure of one thing; it was taking me to permanent darkness or
whatever it is after death. I was sure about hell. My numb body forbids me from moving. I waited, eyes
wide shut. Seconds of day’s length.I remember locking my apartment door hours ago, Miriam’s smile
when I left the hallway. Kissing him goodbye when I left.

Our trip last weekend. My 25th birthday bash, the Louis vitton present. The fights, the apologies, all
the “go to hells”. His welcoming smile and comforting hugs.

The revolving chair in my cabin, those eyes which longed for it. The appraises, all the bitches and

All the hopes, the hopelessness that followed. The promises that shattered, and those which stayed in

Her beautiful smile and innocent pranks.

Graduation night.

I remembered the stage, the lights and the cheers. All those trips, that tight grip on my hand, his breath
on my ears. Those broken pacts, those break up’s.

Her tears and my helplessness.

That kisses in the rain and those cozy corridors.

The red bicycle on my 15th birthday. First love, the spring and the butterflies .The first day of highschool,
of long skirts. The never ending fights ,the screams, the bitter words.

The water that gulped me, the hand that helped.The sound of thunder and his pat on my head.

The hatred left to express, the apologies left unsaid. The love left fulfilled. The compromises never
made. The words never meant. The child, never born. The pain never meant. The deaths that never
happened. Those prayers left unanswered.

I opened my eyes, for the very last time. It was red and blue around. And then the light swallowed it all.


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