• It was during the cold monsoon rain, on the streets of a small city, over a cup of steaming tea and hot chips, the spill began…..
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    The light was bright, too bright for my eyes to handle. it was coming close. Fast, too fast for my brain to focus. I was sure of one thing; it was taking me to permanent darkness or whatever it is after death. I was sure about hell. My numb body forbids me from … Continue reading


You really think it’s all going to end? someone asked from a distance. Why not? We have scientific data to justify it; somebody replied. So the apocalypse is happening? asked someone else. Yeah, within a couple of years; said the nearest. This is all bullshit; said the loudest. I have heard about it, from my … Continue reading

Shit happens – 1

Shit happens… A few years back a close relative of mine died, it was during my second year in college and I had to travel 186 kilometers to reach for the funeral. So after 8 hours of class, I packed my things, made some calls and caught the fastest bus Kerala government offered. The journey … Continue reading


The silver patronas was the last think, his heavy eyes and tired head could remember before he dozed off. It was mystery, until Hermione came up with the time turner… And Harry could see himself sending the stag to evade the dementors off his godfather’s soul…and he knew it was him not his father. Years … Continue reading


From a pampered kid to a rebel, from best friend to bitch, From an accomplished to a loser, from a believer to an atheist, From a confident to a big mouth, from something to nothing, From bright to dark, from her arms to her feet, From sunlight to fire, from dreams to nightmares, From his … Continue reading


  Have you ever had an epic drama in you life?????? All of us would have had at least one… and does yours have something to do with choosing the right color of shoes, and are you living with the consequence of choosing it wrong. Well the commercial says being young is not that easy … Continue reading


When she says nothing, without even thinking- when you ask her, watz up??When she doesn’t take your call at first and later says bathing, sleeping, and silent mode to justify it, when she looks around while you are talking to her sitting opposite. When she frowns at your continuous praising, when she yawns artificially, when … Continue reading